Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Henry Bascom Hicks

The Civil War left wounds still raw in many parts of the country even after 150 years. In countless areas, civilians were preyed upon by military forces of one army or the other, while in others helpless civilians were robbed and violated by "bushwackers" or lawless elements who merely pretended an allegiance to a particular army.

Grave of Henry B. HicksIn Graves County, Kentucky the wounds still run deep from what is referred to as the "reign of terror" of Union Gen. Eleazar Paine. In Maplewood Cemetery of Mayfield, Kentucky there is a monument in the form of a slab over the grave of young Henry Bascom Hicks. He was killed by order of General Paine on the streets of Mayfield in August of 1864. The 18 year old student was accused of being a spy. Paine had been removed from his post in Gallatin, Tennessee in April of 1864 by the order of Major General William T. Sherman after Paine and his men were found guilty of "extreme cruelty and extortion". He was subsequently posted to western Kentucky.

Hopefully there will never be another time when the people of this country turn against each other with such intolerance and cruelty.

A heavy morning dew on the fall day I photographed Henry's grave accentuates the inscription making it more visible and easily readible.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Visit to Hortontown

Grave of Emma Raabe
A Google search of "shell graves" produces many sites and numerous theories regarding the practice but in the end, there really is no credible explanation for them. In south Texas, the shell graves are most often found in communities settled by German immigrants, such as these graves in New Braunfels' Hortontown Cemetery.

Gravestone of Marie Sophie Karoline Stolle Kretzmeier

Hier Ruht
(Here Rests)

Geb. Stolle
(nee Stolle)

(Born in)
Nov. 27, 1823

Mai 6, 1897

In Dankbarer
und liebevoller
gewidmet von
den treuen gatten.

English Translation -

Thankfully and in loving memory.
Dedicated to the loyal spouse.

Hortontown Cemetery