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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maplewood Cemetery of Mayfield, Kentucky

Maplewood Cemetery in Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky is a large, diverse cemetery. There are very old stones, crypts and Confederate monuments, not to mention the Woolbridge Monuments. I have many relatives interred there - the Bolingers, Beadles, Slaydens and even a Pryor or two. There are so many photos from this cemetery that it may develop into a series but for today, just one post.

The famous Woolbridge Monuments of Maplewood were extensively damaged when a tree fell on them during the severe ice storm that Kentucky experienced in the winter of 2008-2009. Thankfully they have now been restored.

Woolbridge Monuments

Angel RockOne of the largest monuments in Maplewood, called the Angel Rock, was erected by William Slayden for his wife Agnes Mayes Slayden and their five young children.
Slayden Monument


Lucinda (Wingo) Bolinger
May 13, 1856

George W. Bolinger
July 3, 1781
May 18, 1885

Capt. A. J. PryorGeorge W. BolingerJames Nicholas Beadles

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thirty years later

Revisiting Greer Cemetery again in 2009, there are a few changes thanks to the Wingo Homemakers Club's restoration efforts around 1990. Stones were repaired and reset, but the cemetery is essentially as it was the first time I saw it in 1979.

The grave of Elizabeth Howard is unchanged.

My ggg grandfather Wingo's stone which has been repaired and reset, is now joined by ggg grandmother Ann Yancey Beadles Wingo's stone previously buried under a layer of dirt and vines before the restoration.

Sadly, the stone of Margaret Beadles is no longer standing and is too degraded to read but other stones are now accessible.

And the restoration included a monument with the cemetery's name and concrete benches for visitors.

In the beginning...

It seems only fitting to begin with the photos that began my fascination with rambling through neglected cemeteries. From 1979, my first tombstone photos from the Greer Cemetery in Wingo, Kentucky - the grave of twenty year old Elizabeth Howard.

And Margaret Beadles, another young pioneer wife who died too young.

My ggg grandfather, Jerman Jeduthan Wingo.