Monday, June 4, 2012

San Antonio's Historic City Cemeteries

Yesterday I made my first visit to the wonderful San Antonio Historic Cemeteries complex. There are a total of 31 cemeteries covering the 103 acres of the complex. The area is about one mile east of the Alamo and Hemisfair Plaza in an area of San Antonio that has seen better days. The complex began with Cemetery #1, which was started in 1853 as San Antonio's first cemetery, the current Milam Park, became too full for further burials. Subsequently most of those buried in Milam Park were reinterred in Cemetery #1. Now only Ben Milam, a hero of the Texas War of Independence, remains buried in Milam Park.

Hugo Family Plot in Cemetery #1

Erna Hugo Grave

Erna H. Hugo

April 7, 1880

February 13, 1897

Grave of Lina Haseloff

Lina Haseloff
1852 - 1879

Living in San Antonio for much of my life, it's hard to believe that I wasn't aware this complex existed. This little blog has suffered from a lack of interesting stones and neglect since I haven't ventured off on a genealogical road trip for the last year or so. After my visit to Cemetery #1 on Sunday, I think those days are now over. There are 103 wonderful acres of tombstones and monuments to explore right here at home.