Monday, October 17, 2011

Back in Texas - Moore's Chapel Cemetery

Moore's Chapel Cemetery's last burial was in the 1880's. The stage road that went past it and the chapel for which it is named are long since gone. Only the cemetery is left to mark the location on the back side of my cousin Debby's farm in Leon County. The fence isn't very decorative, but Aunt Ruby put it there years ago to keep the cows out of the cemetery.

Little Georgie Nippert (Front) Little Georgie Nippert (Back)

Georgie Nippert

Mar. 10, 1883
Aug. 23, 1885

We loved this tender little one
And would have wished him stay
But let our Father's will be done
he shines in endless days
(Inscription on Reverse)

Carolyn Rabe

Sept. 19, 1841
Good Friday 1889

James Thomas Nippert

Nov. 30, 1862
Oct. 10, 1889

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