Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hilton Head to Vicksburg III

The last cemetery stops of the trip home to Texas were in Mississippi where Debby and I made a few stops to find the graves of distant cousins. It seems that Paulding, Mississippi where some of our Reeves family's descendants had relocated was only a few miles out of our way so we made a little detour to the cemetery there.

Paulding in Jasper County had been a metropolis during the Ante-Bellum period but was devastated by Reconstruction. When the railroad passed it by, the days of prosperity were over for the community. The passing of the community's affluence is evident in the cemetery where older graves with elaborate iron fences were neglected and overgrown that day.


wife of


Died Aug. 6th, 1874

Aged 25 years 1 month

and 11 days

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