Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hilton Head to Vicksburg II

A. L. PogueReturning to Texas from North Carolina, my cousin Debby and I made occasional side trips to places of interest and areas where ancestors or distant relatives were said to be buried. The second installment of these road trips includes points in Alabama looking for Debby's Johnson relatives with a few unknown interesting tombstones included just because they were there.

In Tallapoosa County, Alabama, we happened upon a Pogue family plot in the Dadeville City Cemetery with some unique stones. Since cousin Kay has Pogue ancestors, we brought her a souvenir in the form of Pogue gravestone photos.

Pogue Family Plot

Pogue Family Plot
Dadeville, Alabama

Debby photographing Lovejoy MonumentDriving west from Dadeville crossing below the Lake Martin dam, we located the monument to Debby's ancestor Samuel Lovejoy in the Red Hill area. Although the actual site of his burial is unknown the monument was erected on land that had been part of his original plantation. Before leaving the area around Red Hill, an unplanned stop at the Refuge Cemetery provided more tombstone photos of Debby's relatives - the Meltons.

Wm. F. MeltonMelton GravesRobert B. Melton

Melton Graves
Refuge Cemetery, Red Hill, Alabama

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