Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hilton Head to Vicksburg - I

While driving along a major street on Hilton Head Island, I noticed an abandoned, once elegant cemetery with a mausoleum at the back of a vacant undeveloped area. The cemetery beckoned me to turn around and have a closer look.

It is called the Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery although the chapel was destroyed prior to 1868.

Mary Irvine, wife of W. IrvineMary Whaley Davant and sons Samuel & John J. Davant

The mausoleum was vandalized during World War II and the cast iron coffins of William E. Baynard and his wife Catherine were thrown into the nearby marsh.

William E. Baynard

Catherine Adelaide Scott Baynard

(Many thanks to Dickie who helped me overcome technical difficulties to save these photos from a disk malfunction.)

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